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Wish we weren't here...

A postcard from the edge of climate disaster

Climate change is confronting us on a daily basis with the majority of people seeking to act in ways that reduce their impact. Information and advice comes thick and fast leaving many is a daze and feeling helpless.

This project facilitated positive engagement in waste reduction Via an app based program which utilised gamificaiton and community challenges. 

You are where?...

From good intentions to sound solutions

Good intentions die hard when unsupported by sound rationales developed through thorough research.

This project took a design that lacked research and gave it solid feet to stand on! Explore my scoping and research practices...

Seeing the Future  

With Bionic Vision Technologies

Case study coming soon...

Dial up your health

With Health Life

Case study coming soon...

Feeling the Story

Bringing a bookstore to life online

Case study coming soon...

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